Implant Dentistry

We offer the most recent technology in implant that ensures receiving optimum results with increased aesthetics and improved performance. Our implant technology is intended to naturally restore your smile.


Implant Services

All implant and implant connected services are provided — no need to see multiple doctors for the procedures needed.

  • Immediate Implant Placement: It is the placement of dental implant which follows the removal of a tooth. Once the implant is placed, a temporary identical  tooth is created and conjointly placed. The final restoration will be placed by us once healed..
  • Implant Surgery: It is the procedure that replaces tooth roots with metal, screw-like posts and replaces broken or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and performance very similar to real ones. Implant surgery offers solutions to different dentures or plate that does not work
  • Implant Crowns: A crown is employed to completely cowl or “cap” a broken tooth. Besides strengthening a broken tooth, a crown is use to improve its look, form or alignment. A crown also can be placed on an implant to supply a tooth-like form and structure. Ceramic crowns are matched to the color of your natural teeth. Alternative materials are gold and metal alloys, acrylic and ceramic. These alloys area unit typically stronger than ceramic ware and should be concidered for back teeth.
  • Implant Bridges: It is analogous to an everyday dental bridge; however it’s supported by implants and not by natural teeth. In most cases, once implant-supported bridge is employed, one implant is placed within the jawbone for every missing tooth. Then the crowns are connected to every one to create one piece.
  • Implant Over denture: Over dentures are the replacement teeth maintained by dental implants. Over dentures were developed to assist each partial and totally toothless patients regain a high quality of life that presumably has been missing since they lost their teeth.

Implant Related Services

  • Bone Grafting: Bone Grafting is a safe and extremely productive procedure that involves the “building up” or adding bone to the jaw by utilizing your own natural bone from another location and/or from a donor, processed or artificial bone materials. Typically the new bones are often obtained from within the mouth. Ask your implant dental practitioner regarding the benefits of various bone grafting ways and materials so, together: Bone grafts are typically performed within the implant dentist’s workplace, using anesthesia to numb the areas that may be concerned, generally alongside blood vessel sedation to get rid of anxiety. After the procedure, you’ll sometimes tend to require antibiotics, pain medication and avoid eating certain foods and putting pressure on the bone graft. You’ll come back to the dental practitioner appointments while the bone graft heals. It may take three or more months.
  • Sinus Augmentation: Missing higher back teeth are among the biggest dental troubles to repair. Once the rear teeth within the upper jawbone are missing the sinus cavity becomes larger because the natural bone deteriorates over time. A sinus carry, additionally known as sinus augmentation or sinus elevation, may be a bone-augmentation procedure for many patients.  The procedure involves adding bone below the sinus so one or more implants are placed. The procedure doesn’t have an effect on speech, intonation or cause sinus issues. After the bone has been given time to develop, typically for four to twelve months, dental implants are placed. Sinus augmentation, that several patients say causes solely negligible discomfort, is meant to assist making sure that your implants are long, with ample, sturdy and durable bone that may permit your new teeth to suit and perform like healthy, natural teeth.

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