IntraOral Camera


Intraoral Cameras (IOCs) are used to build patients’ trust through visual communication. A patient is able to see his own intraoral conditions magnified with higher quality than the tooth doctor might show him with a foggy mouth mirror. Or we can say that sometimes it’s better for patients to totally perceive the condition of their teeth within the same method as the dentist does, using intraoral camera; a state of the art dental technical device that basically helps you see for yourself precisely what’s happening in your mouth.

Advantages of IntraOral Cameras

  • Instant: you’ll instantly see what we see as we try to investigate your teeth, and additionally, what we to do once we work on them.
  • Accurate: we are able to take an image within  your mouth for a much bigger and higher look, and it is extremely helps to trace any changes over time.
  • Easy referrals or second opinions: if we’d like to urge another opinion from a specialist, we are able to simply take a photograph and email it to them.
  • Memory jogger: we tend to store these pictures on your dental record to check back later – an excellent protection to extremely track erosion and staining.
  • Better Organizing: along we are able to discuss the most effective treatment plan for you – then you decide which way to proceed.
  • Learn more: it’s an excellent instructional tool to point out you precisely what’s happening in your mouth. Instead of our dentists just making an attempt to explain it to you in words!